Inspirational Experience: My world is getting bigger

As we grow old, a lot of things are changing, our world is getting bigger and bigger. You’ll meet new people and encounter a lot of things. Transferring into a new school isn’t easy at all, especially when its the first time. Dont know anyone from the class and being left alone. It took me a hard and long time to adjust and be comfortable.

I really had a hard time to open myself to the people i just met. Because back then, all i was thinking are my friends during my junior highschool, thinking that why would i have to be friends and close to my new classmates when im just staying in the same school, same building, and same floor with my junior high barkada and i already know them for more than a decade.

As i have said, as we grow old, a lot of things are changing. My junior high friends started to met new friends and telling a story how was their day. I felt bad. Not because im jealous but yah sort of. I felt bad for myself because i didnt even think that they have their own world too. An own world who is ready to explore and welcome new people.

I felt stupid thinking that their world will just focus on me, on us her friends for more than 10 years. But honesty saying, im proud of all them cause they got to meet new people and having a new experince. I even asked myself, Am i just going to let myself to be left alone? When will i welcome new people to my world? But yes, everything takes time.

We had this event for buwan ng wika so we have to do a speech choir and thats the time i never imagined will happened. I got the chance to bond and know them more. Before the 1st sem to end, i didnt realize that im getting more comfortable, showing them off my true colors which is the bubbly and cheerful one.

Sometimes, we cannot just stick to one and caged ourselves to them. We are growing to get a chance to explore this big world full of opportunities. But while are we exploring this world, we should always treasure and keep the gold ones. We must not forget the values we learned.

If you have something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.


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