Politics: Main disease of the Philippines

“Corruption in the Philippines”

           Corruption is one of the most serious political issues the Philippines faces today. Government, or political, corruption occurs when a governmental employee acts in an official capacity for personal gain. Basically, it means the selfishness of one individual to pursue his or her self-interest. This devious act may result to harsh circumstances for the victims. Just like for example, poverty.

          In recent years, there have been evident discoveries of this act executed within the Philippine government. The most recent and famous would be the priority development assistance fund or the Pork Barrel scam. Each Government official is given a certain amount of money in order to pursue their desired.

But recent discoveries have shown that these projects were never put into action. It was then discovered that these officials spent the money for their own personal desires. Billions of pesos were stolen from the Filipino people. The money would have helped the country’s current situation but it all went to unworthy government officials.

          The Philippines has a history of corruption and this may be the reason why officials are still corrupt to this day. But history should not be an excuse and citizens should find ways in order to end this act of fraud. Solutions should be made in order for corruption to stop in the Philippines. It has been going on in this country for more than a century and it is unacceptable. I believe that our government should find ways to eradicate this for the development of our country.


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