Tutorial: How to clean your makeup brushes

Hello ladies! Are your makeup brushes dirty but dont have any brush cleaner? Dont worry because in this tutorial, im pretty sure you have these things at home.


I havent wash my brushes exacty one week. And you can really see the stains in the bristles. Im gonna clean this while teaching you guys how. So its hitting two birds in one stone. Lets start!


Get a small container where you will put your mixture.

Wet the bristles of your brush and g
et an olive oil and diswashing liquid, estimate the amount that you think is enough to wash all your brushes, because wasting is a no no. And just mixed them together. Just add a small amount of water, because if you put too much water, there will be no bubbles.

c6n-s0yu0aahill.jpgDipped your brush in the mixture that we made


Rub the bristle into the egg brush. You can get this egg brush from an online shop that sells brushes but i got mine in divisoria but dont worry if you dont have an egg brush you can use a comb instead. It can work too cause i used that back then when i dont have a brush egg yet.


Dont forget to wash the handle as well cause most of the people always forget this part.


If you think you already got rid of the stains, rinse it well still rubbing the bristles in the egg brush for assurance.


To get rid of the excess water, get a tissue and scratch it. Especially the kabuki brushes, for them to dry quickly.


Just let your brushes rest in the towel and let it air dry.


There you go ladies! They are already clean and ready to use. Just a reminder to all girls out there, we must clean our brushes atleast once or twice a week, depends on how dirty it is. Because if we dont, it might cause pimples and damage our face.


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