Kiera Cass Writing Styles in the Selection Series

Kiera is my fave author and im really a fan of Selection Series. The Selection is told from America Singer’s point of view, without any narrative intervention to provide other viewpoints than her own. America is a middle child, third of five, in a family of artisans. She is not a natural performer, but she enjoys her own life and making her own decisions.

She is still young and fairly naïve, although like the stereotypical American girl, she is sassy and independent, even when she does not know what the consequences of her sassiness might be. In the beginning this makes for irony, as the reader knows that America is cut out for bigger things than she would admit.

Later, however, it makes for potential complications, as America allows situations to develop that will require cruelty and possible danger to resolve.

Let me show you guys the cover of the books of Selection Series

download (3)

And a throwback picture of me with my fave Author!


This is september 2015, she had her fansigning event here. Im even wearing a crown. lmao


Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.05.12 PM

2 books only are allowed so i decided the selection and the heir nalang



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