Color Manila Run: FUN EXPERIENCE

Color Manila Run in Tanay


It was my first time experiencing this kind of run where there is every color station where colorful powders are being thrown to the runners. We took the 10k but do we really did it?

Before the run

i did all the reservation last November 2016, including the reservations of my friends. Seond week of december, we already paid and got our kits.We got the Rockstar, its 750 pesos you’ll get a drawstring, a shirt. There’s a lower price than that and thats the deluxe, 650 pesos and you’ll get a shirt. The most expensive one is the Challenger where you will get a drawstring and a singlet.


So this event happened January 29, 2017 and January 28, night. Everyone was all excited including me and my two friends. The assembly time is 4:30 am at Tanay Park and for 10k runner our run will start16179017_1834109026801667_6087383706469691381_o

During the run

For 10k runners are run will start 5:30 am, but guess what? I WOKE UP 5:31 AM!!! i checked my phone and theres so many missed calls and messages from my friends. All my plans last night was ruined, i wanna vlog during the run cause i know this is gonna be fun but hello my phone is only 40%, dont have any time anymore to charge it. I wanna take a bath but again there’s no time left.

Good thing i already prepared my things last night so i’ll just dress up. Didnt even got the chance to brush my teeth hahaha. My friends are already calling me saying the run already started so they’re just gonna wait for me in one color station.

I arrived in the park which is our starting point like 5:43 i guess and im just on time to start the run with 5k runners. Everyone was so wild and loud. At first there’s a fire truck showering everyone. Maybe its purpose is for the color powders to stick on our clothes?


This is the map by the way


Already with my friends. And you know whats good? every station theyre providing a glass of water for the runners so you dont have to worry if you’ll gonna get thirsty.

Some 10k runners already had their u-turn and then there’s us, relaxing and walking. Since we started the run late, Most of the 10k runners already had their u-turn so we just decided to go back again even though were not yet in the u-turn area. Cause if we didnt, maybe we’ll get there 10 am when everyone’s already in their homes washing rofl.


Color Pink Station! The color powders smells like powdered juice and tasted like powder. Dont get me wrong i  didnt eat it, its just the girl throw the powder exactly to my face.


We saw more friends, the more the merrier!!! Aha yes no makeup because i only got what, 5 minutes to prepare?!!

These color stations are just so lit.

You can really see that everyone is having fun and having a great bonding.


Look we even saw our Grade 10 Teacher!

More pictures because this is the last station. If youre going to ask me whats the most fun part is when where all of us are all rolling in the color station trying to get more color stains on our clothes!




We’re already in the park, going to claim my freebies in the booth like the sunglasses, color powder, hydration and a finisher’s medal. Since i didnt claim mine a while ago cause again, im late.

After claiming my freebies, didnt know there’s an after party where everyone are going to throw their powders. I dont have any pictures but i have a boomerang clip like 3 secs hahahha.

My phone is really dying but i got the chance to took a vid but its only 9 secs

This is the second fun part for me. Everyone is getting wild and jamming, didnt know having party in the morning will be fun. Aha


Thankyou color manila for stopping by here in Tanay, Rizal and made us experienced this unique run! I hope there will be again next year.

Ps: I suffered from an extreme body pain for almost 4 days!! so its really important to have a warm up. But its all worth it.


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