Hidden Valley Spring

Today im out to another adventure again! And ofcourse im going to take you guys wih me again just like the last time. We will go to hidden valley spring in Alaminos, Laguna. 5 am we already left the house and around 7:30 am we had a stop over at jollibee to have some breakfast.


After 50 minutes  guess, we finally arrived. Its my second time here in Hidden Valley Spring. But the last time i went here (a year ago) i wasnt satisfied with their food. Lets see if they improved or still the same.


The entrance fee for adults is 2,200 pesos and for 4 years old below its for free. For 2,200, you’ll get a welcome drink, free lunch buffet and snacks.


Foods aren’t allowed and proper swimming attire is required.

Its a hot spring, they have 6 pools, and whats more relaxing is the water. its a running water, natural and fresh!

They are offering lockers, where you can out your things and stuffs. What i noticed about this place since the first time i went here, most of their guests are foreigners, specially koreans, cause if im not mistaken koreans love hot springs.


Exactly 11:30 we went to the buffet area to grab our lunch

Its time to eat our lunch!!

As i have said a while ago, the first time i went to this place i wasnt satisfied with the food, but this time im happy. But lets see what do they have in snacks, if they really improved.


After we grabbed our lunch, We decided to visit the Hidden Valley Falls once again.


You have to do a short trek, wade and swim just to reach the falls.

Here are some pictures on our way to the falls.


Its really a struggle to go through those slippery rocks just to have a closer look to the falls. But thankfully our driver is assisting me and my cousinLook how cool God to create this wonderful creation!



After we went to the falls, we already went to the shower room and took our snack as the part of the package.


Their snack menu is more of a Filipino food like kakanin and Filipino soups like sopas  and pinaltok, which i think good cause as i have mentioned earlier most of their guests are foreigners, so the foreigners get the chance to taste our food. And yes, they improved, i love the puto and sopas.


Thanks again Hidden Valley Spring for a very wonderful day! What about a third Visit next year? 😜


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