Pandin Lake Escaped


On January 12, 2017 me and my cousins, aunties decided to go to Laguna for a fun bonding. Aha i know this post was kinda late. We travelled 3 and a half hours just to arrived at San Pablo Laguna.

Pandin Lake is one of the seven Lakes of San Pablo City in the province of Laguna. After we parked our car, we walked for like 15 minutes to reached the pandin lake.


Thank god its a cloudy day so were not walking under the sun


As i have said a while ago, its a cloudy day but later on the sun starts to come out 


the walk is tiring but ofcourse there’s always time for a picture


while walking, we passed by this horse or cow field, is that how you called that?


The “konti nalang, malapit na” pose


At this point, i can already see the beauty of pandin lake!


Finally, we already arrived! The bamboo thing right there is what we called “balsa”,  or a raft. We will ride the balsa to bring us from one end to another as part of the tour.


I have to take off my shoes and walk barefooted rather than going home with a wet shoes.


There are two staffs pulling the rope one at the front and one at back to reach the end.


They prepared our lunch as well, this is part of the package. By this picture you can see an old woman at the back pulling a rope. I was amazed how strong she is.


And there, we already reach the end. They even have this hammock made of a wood and tires.


And now its time to eat our lunch. We have rice wrapped in banana leaves, grilled tilapia, fern salad, shrimped cooked in coocnut milk, liempo. We even ordered some fresh coconut juice and peanut.


After we ate our lunch, we took some pictures and appreciate how beautful pandin lake is.


This is me with my cousins and at the back, thats my tita photo bombing 😂 . I dont have any extra clothes with me so im not swimming.


And oh, did i already mention how deep is this? The side part of the lake where they only allow guest to swim is 80 ft and a life jacket is required. But the center part is 180 ft. Its really unbelievable right?


They only allow guest to stay here 2 hours to have time for the next upcoming guest. And for them to use the raft, because i think they only have 10 rafts. But if you want an extension, you have to pay 100 per person.


On our way back to the other side of the lake, we bumbped to a 2 rafts full of koreans. The one korean guy there waved to us. How cute.


While waiting for my cousin and tita to finish washing, I ask one of the staffs there if i can give the left over bananas and he said yes!

its really a day well spent with my family. If you want a good bonding and a refreshing place to go, you can go here at pandin lake, San Pablo Laguna. 💖


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