5 Facts about me!

Hello everyone! This is my first ever blog so im going to share 5 facts about me, for you guys to know me more.

1. I love chocolate

My week isnt complete at all without eating chocolates, whenever im ordering beverages, i prefer chocolate favor, chocolate cake (or redvelvet), chocolate bar or anything as long as it is chocolate flavor!

2. Im a dog lover

I have 3 dogs at home, their names are coco, he’s an aspin, next is my 2 adorable dachshunds butchukoy and betchie. My dachshunds are turning 6 years old this year, while my coco bear is one year older than them.

3. I love makeup

I started loving and wearing makeup when i was 16, senior highschool. During junior highschool, lipgloss is all i can wear but when i stepped on my senior, i started watching youtube makeup tutorials and surprisingly, im loving it! But i dont do full face makeup daily or like in school, im doing it if theres an event or occasion. Usually i only do my brows, and lipstick.

4. Everyone’s first impression to me is “Masungit”

i dont understand why but they said its because how the way i look to people? But trust me, im just quiet and shy at first but when i get comfortable to you, i’ll start to be loud and bubbly.

5. I love travelling and adventures ✈ Ofcourse! who doesnt love travelling and going to wonderful places? Most especially the beaches, the white sand, the ocean, and the cooconut trees are so refreshing and relaxing. i love snorkeling and hiking as well. But if you’ll ask me whats the most thrilling adventure i went, thats tinipak river here at tanay rizal. I went there when i was grade 7, you have to walk one hour just to get to the cottage and another 5 to 10 minutes i guess to the river. My slippers even got broken so i dont have any choice to walk barefooted under the sun. But the its very worth it, its the most beautiful river that i saw in my entire life as of the moment. And i heard there are a lot of people going there and i hope they can maintain the beauty of nature.


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